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We operate based on Scott McNealy's famous quote about Sun Microsystems: "Kick butt, have fun, love our customers, don't be evil, change computing forever and leave the planet better off than we found it!"


We will bring together the best Hard-, Cloud- and Software which actually solves your use cases. Doing so we will always use state of the art, best of breed technologies which fit the job! We provide you with courses and training needed to become #1.


When creating our smartly engineered solutions it is all about quality! We have coding standards in place, different (agile) processes setup and will test our project outcomes throughout. And when done we'll share a beer!



We're not bound to a particular technology but just to give an impression here is a list of candidates:

When talking Clouds we love Mesos, OpenShift, OpenStack, or anything similar. When coding we try to use Python but we also do many more (just ask). We love to realize our projects as cloud-native 12factor MicroServices so all you need is a Web browser (on your tablet?) to work with them.

We believe that Python is also a great tool to work with for Data Science. Eventually it all comes down to understanding linked data. We love packages like Pandas, scikit-learn, networkx ... . But we are also able to deal with the sparkling Elephants in the room. We truely believe that visualizations help people. We work with multiple tools such as D3, Plotly, matplotlib and many more. When possible we even boost the performance!

Believing in great technology means working with SmartOS or CoreOS and all it's niftyness (DTrace, ZFS (The Last Word in File Systems), KVM, Zones, Docker, SMF, Crossbow, Kubernetes, systemd ...) - but no worries: We also support other UNIXes, Containers, Hypervisors, OSs etc.

And finally we know how to operate (fully automated!) data centers (Grids, Clouds, Clusters), work with all kinds of audiences, their codes and get results fast!




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